Need password protect on Outlook Express

We use Outlook Express on our network, don't have Exchange Server, it's hosted off-site by a third party. Some users share a computer with the same Windows user name. We need to prevent them from opening email if they are not authorized for that Outlook account, so they should have to use their Outlook password to start the program and to send/receive messages.  I can set this up in their account options, but the problem is that it only asks for the passord to send/receive messages.  When they launch Outlook, if the user just hits "cancel" they can still read whatever messages are already in the inbox.  Also, I want to prevent user from changing the settings back to remember the password and bypassing the password prompt.

I guess what I really need is a way to make them use a password just to start the Outlook program.

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I answered my own question with this:,1759,1134371,00.asp

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