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click yes

I am looking for some info about a program called "Click Yes" by contextmagic
Some of our network users are getting this outlook warning message because of a program we run that is integrated with outlook. The software vendor is telling people to download this free program to stop the "annoying" popup windows. MicroSoft put these prompts there for security reasons and they should not automatically have "yes" clicked on ... right?
Nicholas Niggel
Nicholas Niggel
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In my opinion, it`s not really a good idea, to bypass this message, because, if (for example) the machine, would get a virus, that would act as a mass mailer, and the program would try to send e-mail from Outlook, then the person would never know that his e-mail is being used by another program. This could become a really bad security breach, if (again, an example) a hacker would create a program to send any document (confidential or not) by e-mail. Then, the person would never know that his confidential files, are being transferred to somebody else.

Of course, this is all theorically speaking, but it could be considered a security breach..
Many such programs keep floating on Internet. Some SpyWare/MalWare authors take advantage of the fact that Net Addicts mostly just download each and every freebie they come across on the Net. Atleast to try them once. ClickYes is one of them. Whereas clieck-yes kind of applications can be useful under certain circumstances such as a testing environment or automated installations etc, such application would be a horrible idea in case of an email client, going by the way spammers try to send you spam and warez.

I would strictly prevent downlaod/usage of all such software, which can potentially bypass system sequrity.

Click-yes is not the only program that promises to be helpful to the user. Probably most successful of such software in the history of computing has been - Gator, the most downloaded and used SpyWare ever. Beware of such programs and educate your users. I know its easier said than doen, but I have educated users with success. That requires time and patience, but you can make your users stop using such software and come back to you asking whether they sould use so and so software.
Nicholas NiggelAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, you reinforced my opinion on the subject.

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