access denied to administrator on user "My Documents" folder


I have a win 2000 server that we started to use as a domain controller and then got another machine for that and started to backtrack.  There were about 8 domain users set up and their my documents data was stored in a location D:Users\User Name\My Documents, this was set up to automatically create this folder when a new user logged on to the domain.  This is all pretty normal.

Anyway, those folders can only be accessed by the domain user, however now that domain is gone and I cannot get into these folders.  I also cannot change the permissions or security settings for those folders.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Schuyler KuhlAsked:
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so if i understand you correctly , this machine used to be a DC, but now it is just a member server correct?? In either case you should be able to "take ownership" of the file if you are logged on with an administrator account.  once you take ownership of the file/folder you can then give yourself permissions. you take ownership by rightclicking the file/foler and choosing properties, then security tab, then advanced,  then click the owner tab.  then you click on your account in the list, and press apply to take ownership of the file. now you controll it.
Schuyler KuhlAuthor Commented:
Ok that sounds good, i will try it.  However If I recall correctly when I click on the security tab a dialogue comes up to tell me that I can only view the settings.  And I cannot change any settings on that page.  But I will try what you recommend and see if it works.  

Thank you very much.
Schuyler KuhlAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I took so long to get back on this.  Your answer was exactly correct and worked perfectly.  

Thank you very much.
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