What Is the cost(s) of mixing managed with unmanaged?

Have a new task that requires that I use C++ again. Have been working in VBA, VB, and VB.net exclusively for the last 10 years. Last time I used C++ it was Borland and OLW. Know that VC7 supports managed, and unmanaged mixes. My new boss said it is important to stay in unmanaged mode. What Is the cost(s) of mixing managed with unmanaged in VC7? Will that change in "release 5"?
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teufelkommrausConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not realy it will change  only the style and handling a bit, when you wrap old classes, but wrapping will still be a big thing. they call it C++/CLI not more c++ managed extensions c++ is much faster and you can even better port it to other systems .. tilll now. tell your boss Visual Studio 2005 Linux is on the way :). look here  http://www.microsoft.com/germany/msdn/webcasts/detail.aspx?id=100433  

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