Using TryEnterCriticalSection() is not a member of '`global namespace''

Using TryEnterCriticalSection() generates this error C2065 is not a member of '`global namespace''

However using  InitializeCriticalSection() or LeaveCriticalSection() does not generate any errors.

All functions are declared in Winbase.h  

Why does one genrate the error and not the others ?

How to fix it ?
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Hi hansw77041,
> >TryEnterCriticalSection

Do you have include Windows.h ???

David Maisonave :-)
Are you sure you have include Winbase.h  before using TryEnterCriticalSection?
hansw77041Author Commented:

Yes #include <winbase.h> is delcared in stdafx.h .
Interesting when I type ::TryE... The IDE pops up a selection dialog and sure enough there it is. !
So at that point ::TryEnterCriticalSection() is known !

This is crazy why does InitializeCriticalSection() or LeaveCriticalSection()  work without problems...
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hansw77041Author Commented:
From stdafx.h

#define VC_EXTRALEAN            // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers

#include <afxwin.h>         // MFC core and standard components
#include <afxext.h>         // MFC extensions
#include <afxdisp.h>        // MFC Automation classes
#include <afxdtctl.h>            // MFC support for Internet Explorer 4 Common Controls
#include <afxcmn.h>                  // MFC support for Windows Common Controls

#include <Windows.h>
#include <Winbase.h>

hansw77041Author Commented:
Turns out Windows.h should NOT be included...

#include <Windows.h>
// fatal error C1189: #error :  WINDOWS.H already included.  MFC apps must not #include <windows.h>

Anyway problem remains the same !

#define VC_EXTRALEAN          // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers

from your StdAfx.h

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BTW, also make sure to either

#define _WIN32_WINNT  0x0400

or set _WIN32_WINNT=0x0400

in your project settings.
hansw77041Author Commented:
That fixed it... thanks jkr.
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