changing the color of logos to match the same color text on a website

I have a website that I'm working on and there are existing logos that the color of the logo matches the color of the text on the website.  How can I do that.
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JKlatteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To change all colours to a specific hue, try the following.

-----Easiest, without adding layers:-----
1. Image -> Adjust -> Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U) ...
2. Check 'colorize'
3. Pick the values for hue/saturation/lightness you like.

-----Or, a more customisable way:-----
1. Create an adjustment layer (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation...)
2. Check 'colorize'.
3. Pick the values for hue/saturation/lightness you like.
4. Change the opacity/blending mode/etc. for the adjustment layer for the effect you want.
Hi Joe,

Can you give us an example or a little more information, so we can be sure what you are asking?

Hi sjs,

I'm not sure from the question if you want the logo colour to match the text, or to make the text match the logo. The second is much easier than the first.

One tool I use for colour matching is Pixie. Pixie is an eyedropper type of tool that shows you RGB and HEX values for any colour displayed in your screen. I use it all the time to match colours. Pixie is a free program and can be downloaded from:

Good Vibes!

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There are plenty of tools in photoshop for adjusting the colour of an image. Go: Image->Adjustments, experiment with the various tools there to see what gives u your best result.

The best for doing colour modification are:
Colour Balance; u can adjust the amount of cyan magenta and yellow for the hilghts, midtones and shadows of an image.
Hue/Saturation; allows u to change the hue, saturation and Lightness for each of the primary colours in your image.
Match colour/Replace colour: for targetting and replacing individual colours.
Selective Colour: allows u to change CMYK for the primary colours of your image.
Channel mixer: change the red, green, blue primaries in your image.

These tools may target to broad an area, ie. u may like the effect but only in certain areas, use masking and extraction to isolate pieces of the image for a more targetted adjustment.

Answered question on extraction:
You can also use the layer blending effects to adjust the colour of an image:

1. Create another layer above the image you want to change, and fill this layer with the colour you want to match(ie the color of the text).

2. Then change the layer blending of this colour layer to Hue.

3. You can also only paint certain areas of the colour layer to target certain parts of the underlying image. This is handy for adjusting certian areas with one colour and other areas with another colour, or no colour.

4. Use the fill or master opacity to reduce the effect of the replaced Hue.
sjsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not being clear.  for example if I want to take msn logo (inlcluding the butterfly) and change it to all be light green.
Simplest thing would be to do as I described above, create a second layer above the logo, colour the regions on this layer to the colour(s) that you would like to change the lower(logo) layer to, then apply Hue blending for the second layer. Adjust opacity of second layer to reduce/adjust the amount of colouring.

I hope thats understandable...
Sorry, thats Hue or Color blending for the second layer. Hue blending will use the second layers Hue only, so u would get better results with colour blending.
Yep, a Hue layer should do it quite easily.

The easiest way is here..using Blending option...

1. create a new layer above the image you have selected..
2. Fill the layer with the color you want...for example green as you mentioned...
3. Right click the layer and Choose blending option....
4. From the blending option choose color....

Yes..You can see the whole image color change to green shade...

freeman118Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, JKlatte brings up a valid option with the adjustment layers. Otherwise I think all options have been covered.

Hope thats sorted your prob.
please let us know what graphic editor you wish to use in your work
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