tomcat ---> websphere migration

Hi all

I need to migrate a J2EE application, that was previously develpopped
on Tomcat, to make it work on IBM Websphere.

Can somebody tell us some tips and tricks how to do that and what kind
of difficulties do I have to expect? Do I need to tune the XML
desciptors, do I have to change some code? Is there a tool or a
utility that could help me doing the migration?

Many Thanx in advance

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sompol_kiatkamolchaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello royalcyber,

I have experience in developing Web Application(not EJB) on Tomcat and it also work well on WebSphere without modifying anything. But the step I did was packing Web Application as .war file and then use WSAD to import .war file after that I export it as .ear file for deploying on WAS. It's work. ( I use WAS 5.1)

Best luck,

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