Remote Desktop and VNC

I've set up a DC in a Win2003. If I use Remote Desktop to open some applications, after that if I use VNC to connect to it again, I can't see the application open and even in the task list.
There is a risk that if I want to run some programs, others use VNC cannot see and they will start the program also.
So how to solve it?
What I can only think of is about the ports they use. And how about if VNC is run as service(Local system or Local service?)?
What I can see if I am sitting in front of that Win2003?
How to make sure that VNC and Remote Desktop users can do their work safely without impact?
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
1.  Don't use a server as a workstation - BIG security risk
2.  Remote Desktop is NOT VNC.  Remote Desktop usually opens a Terminal Session - which is a SEPERATE instance of the desktop, so a program started there is NOT visible to the Console desktop OR to VNC, regardless of how VNC is started.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
1a.  UNLESS the system is intended to be a Terminal Server - which it clearly isn't if you're running Active Directory on it.
NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remote Desktop does not work like VNC.  VNC gives you a true remote control of the server.  This means if someone were to walk in front of the server while a VNC remote control session was in progress, they would be able to see the mouse move and everything that the VNC user sees.

Remote Desktop is different, you can have up to two administratrators use Remote Desktop independantly at the same time (VNC does not allow this).  This is becuase user desktop sessions are created.  If someone were to walk in front of the server while a remote desktop session was being used, it would not be possible to see the mouse move or the users session (unless you took remote control of that session).

It sounds like you have a need to multiple users to have work space on the server.  If this is for non-admin use, I would recommend Terminal Server.

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u not trying to connect to the same session on as vnc....
If there is one user on the server you can start remote desktop with the /console option. Now you can start "mstsc.exe /console" and you're remote behind the server console. If you logon with VNC you will see also the console.

Remind that VNC connects to the console and rdp opens a session to that server.
najypAuthor Commented:
Oh, I may have done something wrong now.
When I connect to the server through VNC, I only get the black screen!

What I have done is as follows:
Initially I've set VNC as service through connect to the server by Remote Desktop. I also click the Start Menu to run the VNC server. I can use Remote Desktop and VNC at the same time. After that, I forgot what I've tried to do. It includes observing there are 2 Administrators in the user list of the Task Manager; disconnect one Administrator; stop the vnc service but keep the vnc server running snd vice versa to see the difference etc.

I think I can connect through vnc as I've entered password, but just see a black screen! I don't know how to start a vnc server now.

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