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How can i remove an item from my photo and replace the background so it looks ok?

I have a nice photo that i took while i was away traveling and noticed that someones hand is on the right side of the photo and i would like to know how to take it out and replace it with the background that should be there.  The handy (pun fully intended) thing is is that the background (what is behind/around the hand) is the sky with only a little bit of clouds and a few tall blades of grass around it.  Also along the same lines would be any tips for doing fun stuff like cutting out peoples faces and putting them on other bodies etc...

The main goal is to fix the photo though.


BTW I have Photoshop CS, FW MX.  I am more experienced with FW but would love to learn Photoshop!
2 Solutions
You should be able to do what you want fairly easily in Photoshop with the clone stamp tool.
Your result will depend on the details in the background.. also remember to use a small brush and resample often - it takes longer but you get a more realistice finish.

Check out the tutorials for details:
- http://www.webdevshed.com/article/50
- http://www.shadowness.com/tutorial.php?category=6&tutorial_id=3
Yup!! That's the way.

This guide is using Photoshop..

1. Cut the Hand part of the photo....
2. Now You choose some part of clouds image nearby the hand using your marquee tool....
2. Create a pattern with that cloud you have selected...
4. Now Choose the stamp pattern tool and select the pattern you have created...(cloud pattern)
5. Now create a new layer.....
6. Now Using this Pattern Stamp tool fill the part where you have cut the hand....
7. Now you can adjust the layer to fit exactly...
8. Now merge the layer....(Ctrl+E)
9. You can give final touch...with stamp tool....(while using stamp tool you have to use Alt Key first..This is for selecting the area....)(when you press alt key you can see instruction on the status bar...)

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