Mozilla/FF ActiveX plug-in...does it function like IE's?

Hello all,

I'm in no way a fan of ActiveX myself, but am currently working with some web-based applications that used ActiveX for some functions.
It's going to be awhile before I can set aside the time to change those apps, so I've got to work with what I'm given.

I heard that there exists an ActiveX plug-in for Mozilla/FF, written by Adam Locke.

My question is...has anyone really tried using it? Does it allow for Moz/FF to perform the same things in ActiveX that IE already does?
I'll try to download it and check it out myself, but any comments/suggestions about it would be REALLY appreciated.

And after all this, hopefully I can find a way to get out of Active X altogether!

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theseeriaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Inward_SpiralAuthor Commented:
Thanks theseeria. It doesn't look like it'll work for what I need, but it was worth a shot.
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