Corrupted mailbox on an Exchange 2000 server

I have a user who got the Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close error while in his mailbox, which is located on an Exchange 2000 server.  I cannot access this mailbox from any computer, how can I get access to this persons mailbox without having to restore from a tape backup?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tried OWA?

You could also EXMERGE the mailbox out if Exchange is running correctly. Once you have the data out you can then delete the mailbox and recreate.

There are two methods.  The easiest way is to log in through OWA (outlook web access).  The other way is to run ESEUTIL against your mail store.  WARNING! eseutil can easily destroy your mail store so make sure you have a viable restore solution.

You can fix corruption that causes this problem with eseutil.  
pklein22Author Commented:
I can access through OWA, but not through Outlook.  I cannot let the user just access through OWA. Is there another way if they can access through OWA?  If not, I will use exmerge, I forgot about that little utility.  Everyone elses mailboxes seem ok.
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