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i have been give the task to purchase a new server.

this server will need to count frequently 15 million records on a database that is about 40gb and give back answers in no more that 5 secords

i have been told that i should be looking at at least a 4cpu system, but i am struggling to find one under £10,000

i am also sturggling to find anybody that sells server parts as i thought this might be a cheaper option.

any suggestions or starting points would be very helpful
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eatmeimadanishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's think through this process.  You have data that needs access across a network and you need this data promptly.  With 15 million records I am going to assume you are using a SQL server.  I hope to God you are.   Your biggest bottleneck will be your Hard Drive access time.  This is a list I would look at as priority.

1) RAID 5 or 10 setup for speed and redundancy. You can do this with SATA or SCSI.
2) Lots of RAM (at least 2gb)
3) A good cpu is better then more CPU.  SO get the best CPU you can and you can a skimp on the 4-way.  2 proc should work fine.
4) Another problem is that people get these awesome servers and then only use one network card.  Utilize load balancing on multiple nics.  This will up your throughput and keep up with your demand.

The rest you can just look for reviews or complete packages.  I like building these myself, but sometimes its easier to just get built to go boxes.
Yup ..your gona want super HD acess times ...and ram is always good for serching . I would agree

tyan make some nice server boards   

They make 2 and 4 Cpu Amd 64 bit borads, that should take the new Amd dual cores just being released

They also suport Pc-Express slots
MarcuswAuthor Commented:
thanks for all  your input,

does anybody have any suggestions as where to find either parts or a complete system

is there a big differance between the amd and intel, i've been told to get xeon but there are two types

whats the difference
Opteron is awesome.  And gets you ready for the 64bit push.  Check out or for guides to Motherboards.  I buy everything from  Though you may also want to consider a package deal with Dell.  Unfortunatly you are stuck with the p4 or xeon (overly expensive).  
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