server 2003 and interscan messaging security suite

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When i install imss i have to change the port number on my exch 2003 box to "6000" as imss will receive mail on 25 and forward to another exch port 6000.

Before i install this and when exchange is set to 25, all mail comes in fine, but when i change the port number in exchange and tell imss to forward mail to the port number it comes back to the user saying message relaying denied

what could this be?
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gpriceeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know . . . seems wierd.
Did you setup the virtual server to accept the relay under the access tab?
hitechautoAuthor Commented:
From who must it accept relay from itself?  IWSS is installed on the same box, so would i have to setup the virtual server to accept relay through it's IP ""
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