Outlook 2003 with Exchange server

Using Exchange, in Outlook 2003 I can receive email but my sent mail is stuck in the Outbox.  I have deleted the email, and tried to resend.  Still sits in outbox.  I went  Tools, Options, Send/Rec options and unchecked Outbox from the process. logged out of Outlook, logged back in and rest the outbox to be part of send/receive group.  Still stuckutbox.  Any suggestions?
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Frank2005Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked with the admin.  You could have gone over your limit (if your company has limits setup) and could be at the "not allowed to send level"  There are 3 levels.  1 is warning, 2 is recieve but no send, 3 is no send and no recieve

If it is this then empty out your deleted and your sent boxes or archive to your hard drive, then try and send again.  

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