How converting word documents to tiff/jpeg without a printer conversion driver?


I would like to know if their is a way to convert a word document to a tiff/jpeg without using a printer-conversion driver. (I don't want to install a printer driver on each work station)


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venkateshwarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I you have Office XP and above., you can print any document to "Microsoft office document image writer". this is by default installed. After printing to this office, double click to open the file and again print the image to tif file...

I am not sure if the feature exists in Office 2000
Hello Davy,

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 allows conversion to jpeg and tiff.  Not sure about version prior to this.

You could either cut and past your word content into powerpoint and save type as image in either jpeg or tiff, etc.

I would prefer to print screen from word and paste into powerpoint as it allows for picture formating and eliminate distortion from original word formating.

Whatever suits.  Hope this helps.

Regards - Emms
What kind of answer are u expecting??
and why did you give grade C to my answer??
I am unable to see this printer listed and I have Office XP. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and it still does not appear. What am I doing wrong.
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