MOBO Gigabyte 8I848P-G Intel Socket 478 ATX

This MOBO has a CPU fan jack and a system fan jack. The case I want to use can support two system fans. Is there anyway I can use this MOBO to power two system fans?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's usually not a good idea to try to power a lot of things with motherboard headers - if the fans you intend to use don't draw too much current, you can use a splitter, but otherwise, get a molex adapter and run it from the power supply connectors.
WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It's usually imperative that you power the CPU fan from the motherbooard, because in most cases the bios and the hardware monitor will want to monitor the fan speed (RPM) and will declare an error (possibly refusing to continue running) if the speed is too low or the fan is not present.

All other motherboard fan connections are conveniences.  The fans in PC's are invariably 12 volt DC fans, and they can be run from a disk drive power cable as an alternative to running them from the motherboard fan plugs, so in your case, you can use one case fan on the motherboard fan socket, and the 2nd case fan can be run from a disk drive power cable.

Note that fans may have 2-wires (power and ground) or 3-wires (power, tachometer and ground).  The tachometer wire (which enables measuring the fan speed) is not required and can be ignored, it does not need to be connected to anything.  Most 3-wire fans have a 3-wire plug, while most 2 wire fans have a 4-pin disk drive plug (and often both a male and female plug, so that you can daisy chain them).  You can get adapters to convert one plug type to the other, in either direction, for a couple of bucks.  Try or
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