How to do date arithmetic to return a date as in "select ... from ... where date_field >= [today's date] - 5"

I need to do a query against a Firebird database and haven't seen my exact example.  I want to, in a query, do, "select ... from... where date_field >= [today's date] - 5".    I saw "current_date" in another posting, but I had thought I had to use, "get_date()"  to retrieve the system date?  Appreciate any help.  Susan
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Gary BenadeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
select * from orders where recdate >= current_date - 5

is perfectly valid and returns the current date on the server.

You can also use current_time and current_timestamp
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
are you working in dialect 1 or 3
      FROM orders
      WHERE  date_field >= ’TODAY’ - 5
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
kacor's solution will work in dialect 1, dialect 3 will require

select * from employee where finishdate < current_timestamp - 5
beechersAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for your help!
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