Camera imput not working properly after video card installation.

I have a vhs mini tape video camera.  I use pinnacle studio 9 software to refine my videos I take and to refine the video for viewing.  My computer is a Dell with Windows Xp home edition.
I connect my camera through a dedicated fire wire card.  Everything worked great, except I didn't have enough memory or fast enough video card to view the whole video without saving the video in segments and working on those segments seperately and then putting the segments together in a finished video.  I decided to upgrade my system, I installed 1 gig of
133mhz sdram and an ATI 256mb. Radeon 9600 video card.  Also I installed a 500 watt coolmax power supply. Everything works great and device manager shows that there are no trouble spots.
A week after I installed this hardware, I went to work on a video, the sound output of the video has a clicking sound to it and the video part sometimes has a line through it, these were
not there before.  So I uninstalled the firewire card and let winxp reinstall the drivers on a reboot.  That fixed the video part, but the clicking sound is still there.  I tried different tapes in
the video camera.  You guys have any thoughts about this?
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mysticaldanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is one thing that mioght have happened and which does happen in case u change hardware a bit as u did.

With changing the amnt of RAM, video card etc u definately changed the HAL for WIn XP. This wud mean that drivers integrity etc is suspect as everything in Windows works with the HAL to initalise etc.

Now there is no easy way arnd this. You can try downloading the latest drivers for ur sound card and capture card etc and see if that helps. Else a reinstall of windows wud be the surest and safest way to make ur miseries go away.

Another thing u can try is to capture the sound componenets of ur Movies using Directsound input rather than Sound Mapper or ur Sound card input. A lot of times Wave input can give problems while Directsound can work fine or vice versa.

Reinstall the sound card drivers, reinstall DirectX, if this is not a solution, you might consider upgrading the sound card.
Mike828Author Commented:
I will try that.  Thanks.
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Video work is not particularly demanding of the video card.  It's not like CADD or 3-D gaming, where you need a powerful video card because the video card is actually "creating" the image that you see using highly complex 3D algorithms.  When you work with video, you are just dumping pixels directly to the screen buffer, there is no image generation being done by the video card.  Consequently, the whole effort of the video card upgrade for this purpose probably didn't accomplish much (although the memory upgrade may have been far more significant, particularly if you had 256 megs or less .... and the ATI 9600 series are certainly very good video cards).

Because you are capturing video as a firewire signal from the camcorder through a firewire port, the signal is already digital instead of analog when it comes out of the camcorder, with integrated audio and video.  There is no A-to-D conversion to be done, as there would be if you were using, for example, an analog camcorder and an ATI "All-in-Wonder" card.  Consequently, I'm led to the conclusion that the sound problem is most likely occuring either in the camcorder itself, or it's happening on playback, but it probably isn't in the actual AVI video file.  I also do not accept that the firewire card could have caused a line to appear in the video.  The signal coming through the firewire port is not "video", it's an already digitized computer file.  It's a real stretch to imagine that problems in data transmission of a computer file (which is what a firewire port problem would be) could manifest themselves in quite that manner.

Several experiments may help to narrow down the problem:

-Can you play the video (the file that comes directly from the camcorder) with another player (e.g. not with Pinnacle)?  Try the player that comes with the ATI software, also try Windows Media Player, and try Windows Movie Maker (if you don't have that, it's a free download from Microsoft).  See if the problems are present in those, and if they are, if they manifest themselves in the same way.

-Can you do a capture from the camcorder on another computer and play the file captured on the other computer on the other computer?  If so, how does that work?

-Speaking of Windows Movie Maker, you might try doing the capture with that instead of with Pinnacle

-Finally, can you try playing the file that gives the problem on another computer?  This means transferring it to the other computer, and it's probably a large file.  You could transfer it over a network, or on a CD-R or DVD-R (note, do not make a video DVD .... the objective here is to see if the clicking is in the file itself, while it's still a non-DVD AVI or MPEG file (whatever format comes out of the camcorder).

-See if by any chance the clicking is coming in from some other audio source than the playback of the video.  Open the full sound card mixer, and either mute or turn down (all the way) all of the sliders other than the one that is carrying the audio from the playback (almost certainly the "wave" mixer).
Mike828Author Commented:
Watzman I realize that about it not being that taxing on the video card, but I also do a lot of other video work and some games.  I will try your suggestions. Thanks for the quick responce!

mysticaldan thanks for your suggestions also.  These responces have given me several directions to go in.  I will let you guys know how this turns out.  

Mike828Author Commented:
I updated the drivers on the video card and sound card, I uninstalled the fire wire card and let Xp reinstall the fire wire card.  Then I uninstalled pinnacle and reinstalled it and updated it also.
When I shot a video and put it into my computer through the fire wire, it worked like it should.
The picture was crisp, the sound was clear.  Mysticaldan's suggestion was the closest to the solution.   Thanks guys, you guys really know your stuff!
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