VPN connection cannot access company network servers when connected at home behind router.

When connected at home behind my router (cable modem access), I connect into our company's vpn (Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000).  I login fine, but when I try to access the various file server and even the mail server I don't get a connection.  I try pinging the ip addresses of these servers and nothing.

At home, if I am directly connected into the cable modem and then connect into our company's vpn, I can access the servers.

Please help,

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Sounds like you have the same IP subnet on your home LAN that you do on the inside of your company LAN.
Are both networks 192.168.1.x ?
How do you connect to VPN Concentrator behind your home router? do you use Cisco VPN software? and what is the IP address range that your concentrator give to VPN client?
Make sure that range is not overlapping with your existing network and all other networks have a route for your VPN network, which should point to your concentrator inside interface.
It could definitely be lrmoore's suggestion.  The other thing it could be is that your home router doesn't support VPN pass-through.  I have come across routers that don't support it (check the specs) and the VPN seems to connect but you then get no connectivity (as you are experiecing).
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