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cant send email between 2 domains

the company i work for has two domains ill refer to them as company.net and company.org. In our office we host the company.org Exchange server. Our ISP hosts a company.net and company.org which reside on the same server, I believe they are using qmail for their server. when sending email from company.net to company.org the email bounces back saying something along the lines of account not found. even though the account does exist on the exchange server at my office. the only workaround is that we add the same account to company.org at the ISP. shouldn't the emails be coming to company.org at the office first? this is the only domain that we have problems with. our exchange server at the office is used for correspondance everyday with many different domains, and none fail. the only conclusion that i could come to was that the company.org at the ISP is acting like a domain controller and would have to mirror the user accounts at my office. we also use the company.org email account as a fall back with a GFI pop2exchange connector, in case our link goes down. the only fix that i could think of was to move the company.org domain off the same box as the company.net is being hosted on. is this the right move? we want to fix this problem of not being able to send email between the domains and still keep our fault tolerance plan. thanks in advance for any responses.

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If your ISP hosts company.org, then it is to yours ISPs mail-server that these mails will first be deliverered.  You collect mail from there with the POP connector, as you say.  This means if the ISP does not have a mailbox for a user, the mail will be rejected.

The way round this would be to ask your ISP if they can provide a Catch-all POP3 mailbox.  This is a mailbox that will accept any mail to the domain (company.org) that is not accepted by another POP mailbox for that domain.  The easiest way I find to configure this kind of scenario is to simply have one catchall mailbox at the ISP, and use the Exchange POP connector (or in your case GFI Pop2Exchange, which I assume offer similar if not greater functionality) to collect all the mail and distribute it among your Exchange mailboxes accordingly.
AndyMagruderAuthor Commented:
Ok, Sorry if  I dont understand. What confuses me is that the only domain that we have an email problem with is the company.net. All other outside world domains are sent to my office (company.org) just fine. I dont know if I had made this clear in the fact that we also host company.org here at the office. Which *should* be considered the primary email server for company.org, and it is acting like it for other emails just not the company.net emails. The catch-all POP3 mailbox is a great idea for fault tolerance, but is this just a workaround, or an actual fix to the situation?


Ok, I think I need a better understanding of your setup.

You have two domains, does the company.net domain and the company.org domain use the same DNS server?  Or have the company.net domain got it's own DNS server, and is it configured to forward requests to your ISP?  If it is configured to forward requests to your ISP, the chances are that when Exchange@company.net does an MX lookup for company.org, it will be told that the MX is your ISPs server.

If this is the case, another way around the problem would be to manually add a forwarder to the company.net DNS server which would ensure that all requests that refer to the domain company.org are in fact sent to your internal company.org DNS server.  In that case, the MX returned would be the exchange machine.

A manual forwarder can be set up by doing this on the DNS server for company.net:

- Right-click on the server (in DNS Management) and click Properties
- Select the "Forwarders" tab
- Click "New", then type company.org, followed by OK
- Select company.org from the list
- Enter the IP address of company.org's DNS server in the box below, and then click "Add"
- Click Apply
- You may want to restart the DNS server, but there should not be any need to do this.

If the problem is what I think it is as described above, this should solve it.  Let me know!

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