cannot "verify" my MySQL database in the coldfusion Admin

i'm in need of some major help...

i'm on a mac g5 10.3...

i cant seem to get CF to verify my database, I coped the entire db folder called "SFdata" into the appropriate folder ( i think) and when i specify a DSN, then tell CF where my database is, it just doesnt seem to i point it to the whole folder, a specific file, what?

i used:

/Applications/JRun4/servers/default/cfusion/squidfire/_private/sfdata/   as the path to the database.

what am i doing wrong? also, i was told that all mysql usage should be done as the root user of my computer (not the mysql root user) that correct??

thanks for your help!
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trailblazzyr55Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah no problem, anytime, glad you got it working :o)

I'm not familiar with MAC's however the CF portion should be very similar to PC's, so you are having trouble getting your DB DSN connected through Coldfusion?

Try connecting your MySQL database with driver type ADODB.
Enter your DSN Name
Then put your DB file in your CF folder in your DB folder
 - not sure what it is for MAC's but on a PC it'd be C:\CFusionMX7\db or for 6.1--  C:\CFusionMX\db

Now it doesn't have to be here, and most definitely do not put it in your root folder of your site, otherwise people will be able to download your info.
Define the connection information ie: UserName/Password
Define the path to your file, actually CF should have a windows that will let you browse to where your file is located and select it.
Then try again to connect your DSN and see what the status is...

keep these in mind...

When adding data sources to ColdFusion MX, keep these guidelines in mind:

1)Data source names should be all one word.
2)Data source names can contain only letters, numbers, and the underscore.
3)Data source names should not contain special characters.
4)Although data source names are not case-sensitive, you should use a consistent capitalization scheme.
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just curious maybe something I don't know about MAC's, but why is your DB file in your JRun folder???

Just had a look at a buddies MAC with CFMX running. He also has a MySQL DB running on his system.

To set up your datasource, do this...

1) Open CF Admin, Scroll to DataSources, Open that page
2) Enter DSN Name, select MySQL from the list of drivers, hit next..
3) Name of Datasource should be: SFdata
4) Database should be your database name, no path involved. port 3306
5) Enter username if any, enter password if any.

Select Submit. Actually quite simple... maybe the problem was you were trying to define a path when all you needed was the name of the database and the name you want to call your datasource. You can call them the same too, I normally do on my testing server.

owen3979Author Commented:
actually, i jsut finally got it working because my first main problems were with mysql (the version from just wasnt working on my computer)

but someone in the mysql section helped me with that, i got a verson from server logistics which also fixed the CF problem, but thanks for attentiveness!

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