Watchguard Firebox II Config Files Location

Anyone know how I can get the configuration files from a Watchguard Firebox II+. I have a client who is upgrading to a PIX and I need to get the ruleset for the configuration of the new firewall. The client has supplied me with the actual rule-set but it makes reference to objects (hosts/host-lists) which must be defined in some other file.

Not having played with these boxes too much, it would be great if some-one could give me a straight-forward location for TFTPing or some method of getting it through the GUI.

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tmehmetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
everytime you log into the firewall, the computer that is used stores a text file copy of the watchguard conf file.

it should be in the watchgaurd directory withing your program files. The directory will be based on ip address, a folder is created for each IP so you'll need to drill down .

or you could run the SMS client on the PC and connect to the firewall,  once policy is loaded, simply choose 'file-save as file'. use this method as it ensures you get the latest version of the policy.

you'll get the actuall conf file, it will make more sense to you once you see it in text form howver, if aliases are used, you may be better off looking up the details of those alias on the firewall via SMS client itself in order to replicate them.

The watchguard is configured from a PC running the management software. If you run up that software you can either sluirp the current settings off the box or you can open the saved copy of them without looking at  the box itself.
mellowmarquisAuthor Commented:
ccomely - Thanks but I'm hoping someone can tell me how to do this. I need to pass on instructions to the client in very simply language. I have no access to the box. If the files are stored locally on the management machine, is there a directory I can just get them to zip up and send to me or do I need to get him to take screen-shots of the management interface. And if screenshots are required, I need to know which menu he should navigate.

Forgive the noob nature, but I'm a PIX person and just want to get all the info I need to do the build.

Thanks again for your help
mellowmarquisAuthor Commented:
Thanks tmehmet, you hit the nail right on the head.

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