Having a problem with WMI with the main user

I've defined three users in XP pro, one is the main one used when I initially
setup XP, and two more.  I tried to use Help and Support/tools/My computer info/
view advanced system info/view group policy settings applied.
On the user that initially setup XP I get "invalid namespace" on the other two users,
it works successfully.
I did a bit of digging using MMC.

Open MMC.  File/Add remove snap in.
Add resultant set of policy/add/close/ok

Right click rsop in the left pane and choose
Generate RSOP data... this opens the wizard.
next/next/this computer - next/

Here's where it gets interesting.  On the screen where
you select either the current ID or one of the others,
if I'm using the ID that doesn't work "current ID" is greyed
out, but the other two are listed in the box.
If I'm using an ID that works, the ID that's doesn't work
is not listed in the box.

Where is the box being propogated from.  What is it about
that missing ID that precludes it?  Is it a security issue or is the
profile corrupted somehow?
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NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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davexnetAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure of what's really going on with this,
but using lusrmgr.msc and disabling / re-enabling he account in question
restored the WMI functionaility.
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