hi all

A friend has given me a mac pc something os 9

iam having trouble geting on the internet when i look in the tcp/ip configuation it is set to dhcp that seems to be ok, i think the problem is with the nic there is no light on my router
to confirm a connection. when i look in the system configuration  under tcp/ip it says nic
is not connected if that is the problem where do i connect the nic so its active iam also thinking it could be a driver problem if so any links if it is the nic is it possible to change it
knowlege of mac pc' is very limited

Thanks davy
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Your description is somewhat confusing, but let's start from the basics:

1) You have a NIC card hooked to the router in your Mac?  Or are you using the built-in ethernet connection?  (I think I know, but don't want to overlook the obvious...)
2) How is the cable?  Can you verify that it is good? That is, can you hook it to a functioning PC and have it work?
3) What model Mac do you have, and what is the OS level?

Software (this is high-level, and then we can drill down):
1) Was the software re-installed before it came to you?

Let's start with that.
davy999Author Commented:
Hi bob

The cable works ok
yes iam using a built in ethernet connection
the mac is mac 0s9
there is a built in modem and that has worked before

is there a way i can come into the dos prompt so i can test the netcard thats if there is
 a dos or somthing like that ??
Thank you, davy999, for the points.

What finally worked and solved your problem?
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