Exchange priv1.edb is a monster!

I have an Exchange 2003 server (SBS 2003) with essentially one user (yes, only one).  Today she told me that she was no longer receiving e-mail.  I checked the size of the Exchange Databases and to my horror discovered the following:

priv1.edb = 16,570,376 KB!
priv1.stm = 206,856 KB
pub1.edb = 286,216 KB
pub1.stm = 22,536 KB

I checked her .ost file and it was 140,898 KB and I archived her Outlook and got it down to 33,745 KB.  But that is not the answer.  Why in the name of Godzilla is the priv1.edb so huge and how can I get it back down to normal so I can use Exchange again? WHat should I be looking for?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you think the file is corrupt, then what you could do is export all the email out. Then stop all the Exchange services and delete the database files. Restart the computer and Exchange will create a new database. Then import all the information back in again.

The 16gb limit has been reached. This is a limitation of exchange, but fear not there is a way of resolving this.
Carefully follow the instructions at 
This will allow you to temporarily increase the limit by 1 gb, then remove unneccessary items, defrag it and hopefully get it down to a manageable level.
Might be a good idea to enable auto-archiving on your users outlook aswell.
brihaspati79Author Commented:
Thanks for your humorous reply, I will try MS remedy later in the morning.  However, I do not understand how the file got this big for a single Exchange user and given the size of her .ost, do not understand where all the bulk is coming from. This happenned over a six month span.   Is there anything I can look for to help explain this issue and prevent it from occurring in the future?
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on the exchange server how many mailboxes are there ?
how much is in the system mailbox?
how big is the one users actual mailbox ?
Look through the event logs for event ID 1221. It occurs overnight. See how much white space it is reporting.

Have you got deleted items retention enabled for a very long date?
Have you looked in ESM to see the sizes of all the mailboxes to see if one (for example the administrators mailbox) has taken most of the space?

Exchange MVP.
One thing I have seen in the past is that a user will go on vacation and ask the network admin to forward all email to their personal email account.
As messages are forwarded to this account, the personal mailbox fills up and sends a reply back that states the mailbox has reached its limit, which Exchange will then forward back to the personal account which will in turn..............

Just a thought.
brihaspati79Author Commented:
Sorry I was gone for awhile.  I looked at the mailboxes and the total size of the messages is 27266 KB.  Quite small.  So I do not understand why the .edb file is so large.  I have a LOT of exchange errors 9175, some 8250, 8197, 8026, 2102 and 1400.  I think the thing is corrupt.  Since I really only have one user on this SBS server (and no backup for the exchange store), my idea is to shut down exchange, export her Outlook 2003 as a .pst., rebuild exchange, and import her .pst.  Does that sound like a good plan to anyone and if yes, how do I shut down exchange in a SBS 2003 server, scrap it  and rebuild it, without re-doing the whole server?
brihaspati79Author Commented:
Thanks for the help, I think that was the best solution for this very weird problem
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