Run the string as a statement in VB6

I am making a VB6 form application. I want to be able to "run" a string, i.e.:

strSayThis = "Hello"
strDoThis = "MsgBox(strSayThis)"
Run(strDoThis) ' when tihs statement is run, it will display a messagebox saying "Hello"

I want to know how to do this "Run" function.
If it helps, its about the same function as "SetTimeout" in JavaScript.

Thanks for your help.
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Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Add a reference to the "Microsoft Script Control" library from the Project > References menu. Then add the following code to the form:

    Private Sub Form_Load()

        Dim sCommand As String
        sCommand = "MsgBox(""Hello World"")"

        Call RunCmd(sCommand)

    End Sub

    Private Sub RunCmd(ByVal pCmd As String)

        Dim oScr As New ScriptControl
        oScr.Language = "VBScript"
        oScr.ExecuteStatement pCmd

    End Sub

Hope this helps.
Actually Dhaest alsmost hit the spot

what I would do is this
make a Public Sub that contains what you need to do:

Public Sub DOSDemon (SayThis as String)
End Sub

now you can call this sub by a string anywhere in your code:
Private Sub Form_Activate()
CallByName Me,Dothis,vbMethod,SayThis
End Sub

This works.
Explanation:CallByName is a command that lets you run(call is the proper expression) any property or method of an objext(or form if you prefer).
Msgbox IS NOT a method of the form,that's why you can't run it from CallByName,so you need to make a Method that contains the msgox command(A sub you create in a form is a method of the form)
However you can call immediately other methods of the form from aString,eg CallByName Me,"Cls",vbMethod

To see what's a method and what's not,press F2.That should bring the object browser.Now type form in the search box.You can see the methods and properties of the form.
This will do the job for you:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim ScriptControl As Object
    Dim strDoThis As String
    Dim strSayThis As String
    strSayThis = "Hello"
    strDoThis = "MsgBox(""" & strSayThis & """, 64)"
    Set ScriptControl = CreateObject("MSScriptControl.ScriptControl")
    ScriptControl.Language = "vbScript"
    ScriptControl.Eval strDoThis
End Sub
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