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Please read carefull:

I'm experiencing the following problem. Everytime I connect through skype, the wireless link drop for a few seconds, causing the call to terminate after +/- 1 minute.
The wireless link ONLY drop when using this program, otherwise it is ALWAYS connected.

I've got a US Robotics Wireless Turbo Access Point & router, Model: USR8054.
Open system with Mac filtering.
PC's with Conceptronic Wireless PCI cards.

Well, when I connect from a Wireless PC to a Wireless/Wired PC INSIDE the LAN, it works fine without problems.
When I connect from a WIRED PC to a PC over the internet, it works fine
It is only when I connect from a WIERLESS PC to a PC over THE INTERNET when the connection drops!!!!

Is it the firewall of the router blocking it out??? What setting on this specific router will correct this problem???

Thank You
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Actually, USR have literally just released new firmware for this router (two days ago), and I quote from their site:

Version 1.67b44 (125 Mbps Update)
Note: Upgrading to version 1.67b44 may reset your wireless router to the factory default settings, including your password. We recommend that you write down your configuration settings prior to upgrading, reset the wireless router to defaults, and then re-configure your router after the upgrade. U.S. Robotics is offering this update to improve issues with frequent router resets under certain data traffic conditions.

"offering this update to improve issues with frequent router resets" - sounds like a promising update?
In the early days of broadband I used D-link DSL504 routers (version 1) for a few clients.  Thse routers had a problem in that whenever anyone tried to send a file using MSN Messenger, the router would lock up and need a reboot.  This was only fixed in firmware released many months later.

It sounds to me that you are having a similar problem - something in the Skype traffic is causing your router to get confused.  Your internal test pretty much shows that the router is the problem.

Have you got the latest firmware installed?  It is available from

Is it only the wireless connection that drops?  e.g. if you watch the other PC while trying Skype, is it the whole router that resets (do you lose internet for a few seconds).
BeeshoringAuthor Commented:
Thanks purplepomegranite

One of the people in the office told me they had problems with msn messenger aswell when they tried a voice conversation, but I did not think much of it as msn always have problems.

And yes, all connections resets,  even the wired PC's, so your theory definitly make sence that the router gets confuse and restarts.  I'm sure that I installed the latest firmware when I setup the router a month ago, make I'll double check to make sure.  

The stange thing is that it only happens when using skype with a wireless pc, from the wired one to a pc over the internet it works fine.  

Thanks again
The definitive test (if one is needed now!) would be to try another router.  I haven't used Skype much, so wouldn't really be happy recommending one - I had a friend that used Skype though and he was using a Netgear DG834G.  He didn't report any problems!  The best option would be if you could simply borrow a router for testing...
BeeshoringAuthor Commented:
That update did the trick for sure!!!

Thank you very much for your help!!!!!

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