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I bought usb adsl modem and connected it to my computer via telephone cable, spliter, telephone cable and usb cable.

My sister has her computer in another room and she'd like to be on net on her computer.
Can you write me how to connect both computers? (the easist way). What devices do I need? Are two modems needed? Or is there some type of splitter?

thanks for advice
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Two modems aren't needed, there are a variety of ways to do this. The most common is to get a "router" like this one:

Note, that is a popular one but you can get by with a cheaper one.

Now, you need to check if both computers have Ethernet ports, if not then you need to by a network card (NIC) for each computer without an ethernet port, they're cheap. Then by two ethernet cables (CAT5) long enough for each computer. So, you just plug your computer and her computer into the router. Then connect your DSL modem to the router, if you buy the Linksys you can just use the supplied software to set it up, its very simple.

Also, I might suggest that if one or both computers do not have an ethernet port, to get USB network cards as that will be the easiest for you to install.

Again, there are even more ways to do it but this is the most common, hope this helps.
xLeon1Author Commented:
I'd like to ask yet: is this way the cheapist way?
                          are the computers independent? Is it possible to plug out either of those computers from electricity?
xLeon1Author Commented:
Could you write me yet what's the difference between router and switch? thanks
Sure you could get cheaper if you just got a cheaper router. You need a router, well you could do it with a switch but then your computer would need to be on whenever she wants to use the Internet. The difference is basically, ok any other net engineers out there please let me slide on this, a switch is "dumb" in the sense that you can't plug your DSL modem into it and share your internet with it. A router lets you just plug your modem into the router and connect your computers, set up the router with the software and then you are easily connected to the internet.

If you used a switch instead you would need to use something called Internet Connection Sharing and I think it is more hassle than it is worth when you could just get a router, set it up once and forget about it. Hope this helps.

-- Oh, and yes the computers would be totally independant. If you use a switch though, they would not be "independent" in that sense.
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