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Change CLASSID depending on the OFFICE VERSION (via JAVASCRIPT)

Hi Experts,

i developed the Website with Frontpage.

i need help for following Problem:

For Office 2000 is the tag for a pivottable "<object classid="clsid:0002E520-0000-0000-C000-000000000046" .... >.
For Office 2003 is the tag for a pivottable "<object classid="clsid:0002E55A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046" .... >.

1. I need the office version of the user who access the website.
2. Depending on his office version change the tag of the entry (Dynamic Website)

could you please give me a hand for a solution with javascript.

I look forward hearing from you. Thanks in advance

Best regards

Klaus Schulze "schulzek"
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I don't believe you can access the version of apps on the users computer without using an activex control to bypass security, and the user will get a security alert, and will have to agree to install the control.  

You are not going to do it with just Javascript.

schulzekAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response.
But I develop this websites for our company. Of course, in some cases it works but not for all users. It is a mess with our IT-Department, because of different security standards.

Hopefully, you can give me a hand

best regards Klaus
I understand, but you are not going to be able to do what you want to do, unless you have an activex control.  You nee someone who can write the excutable code in VB or C++, it is not a trivial extension.  You might be better to prompt the users to enter what version they are using.  

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schulzekAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer.
I think I will do this way to prompt the user what version they have and will link the user to the right site.
I have created hyperlinks  - How could that be managed. When the user click the hyperlink - that he will be prompted and linked to the
right site. Have you got an example?

best regards

just do the links this way:

<a href="#" onclick="this.href=testversion()">

And put the script in the head
<script type="text/javascript">
function testversion()
    str=prompt('Ofiice Version?', 'Enter the Office version Number');
    return ('somepage'+str+'.htm');

Then the pages will need to be name with the version number just before the .htm

schulzekAuthor Commented:
this way is working! but...

is it working to give varibale pageNAME (if i click the hyperlink) and have a simple prompt: if "click OK = Version2000" Else "click CANCEL = Version2003"

If click button = OK then (Office Version 2000)
<a href="#" onclick="this.href=testversion()">Ficodata INT</a></td> -->  # = LADA/NOR_ficodataint.htm

if click button = cancel then
<a href="#" onclick="this.href=testversion()">Ficodata INT</a></td> --> # = LADA/2003/NOR_ficodataint.htm

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