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Remove border from checkbox


How can I remove the border from and enlarge the checkbox control.  I changed the format properties as follows:

Special Effect - Flat
Border Style - Transparent
Border Width - Hairline
Border Color - 0

I want the only the check mark to show, and be a bigger check mark.

Is this the best I can do?
2 Solutions
>>Bigger check mark..

You can't... MS decided in all their wisdom to make it so they come in a "one size fits all" style

The only thing i can think of off the top of my head is make 2 images and an image control, 1 that looks like a X and one that's blank and use them, and swap the images around when you click the image
Chuck WoodCommented:
Create a label, set its caption to P, and set its font to Wingdings 2.
Set the font properties to make the check mark as large as you want (24 point Heavy for example).

If you want to have a click set it to check or uncheck, you can use this code in its Click event:

Private Sub lblCheck_Click()
    If lblCheck.Caption = "P" Then
        lblCheck.Caption = ""
        lblCheck.Caption = "P"
    End If
End Sub
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Create a small textbox bound to your yes/no field.
Choose font to Wingdings.
Set Format property to:


Adjust fontsize as you wish.

This is what I would do:

1) create your ugly set of check boxes which could be named ck_bx_1 through c_bx_9  (assuming 9 check boxes)
   and stick these in an part of the form where you do not want the check boxes to ultimately appear.  (You can move them later)
2) set the visible property of all of these off
3) Where you do want the first check box to appear, place an image object linked to whatever check mark image you like, such as  CHECKMRK.BMP and next to it put a label object.  Assume that these are called IMAGE1 and LABEL1, respectively.
4) Set the click event on LABEL1 so that it has the same effect as clicking the first checkbox and make sure that the check mark appears or disappears depending on the check box state.

   Private Sub Label1_Click()
     Ck_bx_1.Value = Not Ck_bx_1.Value
     Image1.Visible = Ck_bx_1
   End Sub

5) Repeat 3 and 4 for remaining check boxes
6) Make sure that eveything starts correctly by adding the appropriate code to the ON LOAD event of the form

      Private Sub Form_Load()
        Image1.Visible = Ck_bx_1
        Image2.Visible = Ck_bx_2
      '       . . .
        Image8.Visible = Ck_bx_8
      End Sub
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Hmm ... my suggestion works nicely and is dynamic too as no code is used to set the appearance.

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