trend micro interscan messaging security suite

This is my problem...

I am running exch 2003 on a member server, with no DNS installed.  the member server is running exch with full access to "AD" on my dc ""

Our domain name is "hitechauto.local"

exchange is set to receive mail on "" this works 100%.

I have got Interscan Messaging Security Suite, when i install this it sits before exchange on "25" then forwards mail to exch2003 on  I had to change my exch port no. to "6000".

When i send a mail from outside i get the following message:
<>: host[] said: 550
    Relaying denied to <> (in reply to RCPT TO

I have to setup relay control in interscan messaging, here it is...

It wants me to supply domain names "mail servers which it can send too"  this is how i have them


it does not matter which order these are in or if there is just one or 2 of themi get the same message.

When i uninstall interscan messaging and reset the port number on exch2000 to "25" the mail flows through fine.

IMSS "interscan" is installed on the same box as exchange, would it be that i am not running dns on this box or do i have to create a dns entry too.  If so please explain exactly how to do so, i have been battling for two days with this and i cannot anymore.

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GoofytouyConnect With a Mentor Commented:


I did not know you had this question open too.

I suggest you to check on Trend, if there is not an option asking you to validate at your server (the one that applies when you in Outlook check the option "My server requires authentication"

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