Automation server with events


I'm trying to develop a small automation dll server in C#.

Everything was fine until I got to events, which I was unable to do.

What I did, was something like :

File | New Project...
Selected "Class Library"
Some of the code was :

// Properties
public string SetEquipmentName
                        strEquipmentName = value;

// Methods
public void Initialize()
                        MessageBox.Show ("Initialize");
                  catch (Exception e)

// etc...

This is working fine with the clients, but I need to do throw events like :

void OnEquipmentConnect()
void OnEquipmentDisconnect (int ErrorCode, ref string ErrorText)


Please help me.

Thank you

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In your namespace, declare the delegates:

public delegate void OnEquipmentConnect();
public delegate void OnEquipmentDisconnect(int ErrorCode, string ErrorText);

in your class, declare the events:

public event OnEquipmentConnect Connect;
public event OnEquipmentDisconnect Disconnect;

and somewhere in your code, use:

public void Connect() // or some other method you have that does the connecting part
    if(this.Connect != null)

and do the same for the Disconnect Event.

This should work - you can now use something like:

Automation.Server server = new Automation.Server();
server.Connect += new OnEquipmentConnect(server_Connect);

private void server_Connect()
    // your code here

That's about I think.

jpcsAuthor Commented:
Hello Razzie,

I'm sorry but this didn't work.

I forgot to mention one thing that might be important...

The client application is writte in VB or Delphi or C++ Builder


jpcsAuthor Commented:

looks like I've found the answer to my question here :

Hope this helps someone!

Thanks for the help.

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I kinda misread the question, the author solved it, so I say PAQ / Refund.
jpcsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Razzie_

PAQed with points refunded (250)

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