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Hello all,
 I'm running Windows Server 2000 and I'm needing to update a particular set of pc's in a OU.  My question is can I create a new policy for that OU that will make changes to every pc's host file in that OU?

If so, how?
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RevelationCSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could add a batch to the startup scripts to copy the hosts file over from a networked location, replacing the old HOSTS files....
If you want to change the hosts file on a workstation, and these workstations are in an OU, then you must be on an AD domain.  If you're on an AD domain, you must be running DNS on your network.  It is far better (and far simpler) to add A or CNAME records to DNS in one place than changing hosts files on multiple workstations.

What effect are you hoping to accomplish?  Modifying hosts files on workstations is a solution; what is it intended to solve?  With that information, I'm sure we can come up with the right answer.
thcitAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late response guys, I had to go out of town.

What I am needing accomplished is the 5 pc's I have in the OU to query their local hosts file first for a net name.  Reason being is that the host name that is being queried registers itself in the DNS as an address that only available when the connect via VPN.  And this particular system is available to them 24/7 on their local network.  My thought is to always lookup the host name in the host file in order to connect to the static IP of the desired system at all times and ignore the dynamic IP the desired system uses when connected via vpn.  Does that make sense?
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