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Formula to calculate percentage....

Hi all,

I have a table of data (extract below) and I want to use a formula to come up with a value between 0 - 100 (i.e. a percentage)
for each row of data.
Product     WeekNum  WkBegin                    WkEnd                      pValue                      qValue                      gValue
MTF      -3      07/01/2005      13/01/2005      210219.35000      525548.37500      29613912      25      3
MTF      -2      14/01/2005      20/01/2005      5058747.84200      12646869.60500      136635960      154      12
MTF      -1      21/01/2005      27/01/2005      48125702.77000      19250281.10800      336758426      592      142

I would appreciate any help on coming up with something for this.

thanks in advance,

Ramesh Srinivas
Ramesh Srinivas
3 Solutions
you must give more dtails I can not work out what is to be the percentage of what?
Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The rows are 10 in total. I would like to use the pValue, qValue and gValue figures (from table above) to come up with a percentage.

The table lists products with their respective PR value (pValue) and Advertising Costs (qValue) and the number of press items (gValue). The table above shows these values for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st week before the product is released.

The percentage value I hope to get for each week, will be like an indication of how effective the advertising has been or how much awareness the advertising has generated.

I hope that makes more sense.

what are the numbers in the last 2 columns ?

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Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot.....

TotalPressItems and TotalDuration (where press items are playable clips, i.e vide or radio).


you can measure the growing of the exposure of the product to the public week by week.
   this can be done using week_results(week N)*100/week_result(week N-1) - 1

what is the market volume you expect to conquer ?

what is the income from selling the product ?

how can you think to measure effectivness of AD investments, without giving/knowing the money return from the sales ?

get the numbers from your financial office :

get the target of the weekly sales (target)

then you should do:

[100*sales(-2)/sales(-3)] - 100   : sales growth week(-3) to week(-2)

and compare it with each of {pValue weekly growth , qValue weekly growth , gValue weekly growth}

by doing this you will be able to go to your bos, and tell him "there is a corelation between increasing the qValue (for instance) and the sales growing"


Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I suppose I should mention that the product is a movie!

I got the figures below like so, they are close but not quite percentages:

PR value (pValue) + and Advertising Costs (qValue) + AudienceReadership
Total(PR value (pValue) + and Advertising Costs (qValue) + AudienceReadership) for the entire period of -5 to +5 weeks of release date
number of press items (gValue)
total number of minutes of playable press items

SHREK 2      -5      24/05/2004      30/05/2004      21.081036
SHREK 2      -4      31/05/2004      06/06/2004      18.509000
SHREK 2      -3      07/06/2004      13/06/2004      9.592725
SHREK 2      -2      14/06/2004      20/06/2004      20.394642
SHREK 2      -1      21/06/2004      27/06/2004      255.736535
SHREK 2                     Release Day      28/06/2004      24.040850
SHREK 2      +1      29/06/2004      05/07/2004      379.474755
SHREK 2      +2      06/07/2004      12/07/2004      27.150431
SHREK 2      +3      13/07/2004      19/07/2004      2.693394
SHREK 2      +4      20/07/2004      26/07/2004      2.698440
SHREK 2      +5      27/07/2004      02/08/2004      .201082

Is there no way (with the data available to me) that i can acheive this? I have no sales data.

The idea is that film studio bosses can get an idea of how much "excitement" their movie is creating in various countries, for the time period of -5 to +5 weeks of the release date.


gwyn asked  "what is to be the percentage of what?"
That question must be answered if you want a %.

I do not think you want a percentage. I suspect that you are combining items which have no relationship to each other. You will be able to normalize your numbers. You can get suggestons on how to combine you numbers but , for best results, one has to know just what they represent. I can get some idea from what you have said but not a very reliable idea.
Ypu said "TotalPressItems and TotalDuration (where press items are playable clips, i.e vide or radio)." But that is not a very enlightening description particularls the TOtal Duration

You said
"The idea is that film studio bosses can get an idea of how much "excitement" their movie is creating in various countries, for the time period of -5 to +5 weeks of the release date."

You can compare your other variables to advertizing costs (qvalue?)
You can normaize the variables to a movie your bosses considers VERY good or normaize to an average over many movies.
you can't measure success without having any feedback numbers.

this can be :

1) number of movie visitors,
2) sales
3) any kind of questionnaire from the audience

basically, I suggested above 1 of to ways to measure the effectiveness of AD:
1) find what number (q,p or g or sum of them ) represents better the changes in the sales
2) measure the growth of the sales

you may revert sales with audience satisfaction if they filled questionnaires for example
Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you all,

Each radio and tv clip has a duration (how long the clip plays for) and totalduration is the total number of minutes for all the individual durations combined.

But I am certain that I do not need any feedback numbers, as the end figure is to be an indication of how much "excitement" the movie is creating. This excitement can be measured by the amount spent on advertising and the number of times the movie is mentioned on Press, Radio and TV.

I did a search and found that yahoo actually have a buzz index - which is the same concept i believe, altho i couldnt see it in action as a yahoo account is required.

You are right, in that i cannot get a percentage unless i know what the percentage it is of. Maybe I shouldnt be looking for a percentage.
well, movie mentioned in the wide press media CAN be good enough to measure exposure effectiveness/impact .

try to find relationship between p to q and/or g values.

in math it called :
pValue vs. qValue
pValue vs. gValue
pValue vs. (qValue + gValue)
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