MFT is Fragmented!

Hi guys

A View of my computers are really starting to chug... they are becoming annoyingly slow!
I have run Executive Software Diskeeper 9 and defraged my hard drive.  However in the reliability analyses section it explains that the MFT usage is currently 80 percent of the total MFT size, which indicates it is likely the MFT will become fragmented.  And it recommends I run Frag Shield to expand the MFT.  Well I believe I have done this? I think... doesn't that just mean defrag the Master File Tabel on bootup?

I resarted my computer but still it says it's on 80 Percent of the total MFT.
Another computer of mine a slightly lower spec is on 99 percent which is obviously critical.

Any ideas as to what I should do?

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TOC-FriedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Paul, It's FIXBOOT and FIXMBR, it'll rewrite a new MBR to the disk and hopefully fix your file allocation table. You won't lose anything, just remember the size of the partitions (if any) so we can rewrite them exactly like that if you do!

You shouldn't lose anything.
repair your partition table.. you can do that by running setup from CD and then, going through to recovery console and typing FIXBOOT and FIXMBR

CptPicardAuthor Commented:
It willn't allow me to run setup from CD becuase it says I have a newer version of windows installed... I can only assume it's referring to SP2?

I also tried typing from "run" d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons
But gave me same message...
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CptPicardAuthor Commented:
Hi TOC-Fried... I have used recovery console from startup... and have chosen the first command FIXBOOT but it's asking me do I want to write a new bootsector to the partition?  I don't want to delete anything!
madspireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FIXBOOT and FIXMBR won't remove any of your personal files, only re-write the possibly corrupt system files
KenneniahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Diskeeper, go to Action and hit Boot-Time Defragmentation. Select the drive, and place a check in "Defragment the MFT". make sure "On Next Manual Reboot" is selected, hit the Set button, then OK, and finally reboot.
CptPicardAuthor Commented:
Hi Kenneniah, that's exactly what I done in Diskeeper, but it made no difference at all!

I shall try FIXBOOT and FIXMBR later when I'm infront of computer, thanks...


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