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Hi everyone,

I managed to hide the "Adjust date and time" in control panel (classic view) but I was unable to disable change of time in control panel (category view) on my computer.

Kindly advise.

Thank you.
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brownmattcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use group policy

If you have a domain then create a policy in the OU that you want.  If this is a stand alone machine or in a workgroup then use the local policy.

The settings are located in the same place either way.  Here are the steps for the Local Policy:

Start -> Run -> MMC
File -> Add -> Group Policy -> Local Machine
Browse to the following: Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> User Rights Assignment
Click on Change System Time on the Right -> Add or Remove the Users or groups that you want to be able to change the time


Only the users or groups that are listed will be able to change the system time.  If all users of the machine are administrators then remove the Administrator group and add in your account so that the time can still be changed if necessary.

There are also ways of setting up Time Sync with a time provider like the US Military.  If you set that up even if they change it it will automatically revert to the correct time after 30 minutes (or less if you configure it as such).  If you want to know how ask and you will have the answer.

The easiest way of disabling it so it can't be changed is to delete/rename the TIMEDATE.CPL file.
What OS do you have? If you have W2K or XP and have a user you don't want to change the time, you can implement user log ons and make the account you don't want to have access to changing the time a member of the Users group and no other group.

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Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field EngineerCommented:
You should also be able to disable it by Group Policys ....
do what brownmattc stated, it is the most effective.
altricAuthor Commented:
thanks for everyone's response.

But is there any way to disable access to the gpedit.msc?

Please advise.

Thank you.
I reiterate my previous suggestion.  You're wanting users to be restricted, so put them in the already existing restricted group, Users, and be done with it.
Only Administrators have the ability to modify group policy at the Domain and Local level.

If your users have Local Administrator Access then set the policy at the Domain or OU level and choose the "Enforce" option.  That way even if some user knows how to modify their local group policy they will not be able to change those specific settings.

If your users do not have Local Admin rights then this is a moot point.

Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field EngineerCommented:
brownmattc is correct. Perhaps they will be able to "see" it but they won't be able to apply it ...

Glad we could help you out.

Good luck.
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