Permission issue for network shares

We have a two network shares on a server that hold Accounting information and any time a client that is mapped to these shares reboots, they are not connected to the shares and they get prompted for the Server's administrative password to reconnect and once they do they are connected.  The network shares have been checked and the right clients have full permission to the shares.  Why does it prompt for an admin password each time a client is rebooted?  Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated.  
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Is Server running DNS and AD?
I assume that each machine is connected to the domain, and that the users are logging in to the domain each time?

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Do they have permissions to both the Share and the Folder.

Check both the permissions under the Sharing --> Permissions tab and the permissions under the Security tab.
regsampAuthor Commented:
They have all the needed permissions under the permissions tab and under the security tab.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
Users are logging into the domain.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
when you mapped the drives did you check the option to reconnect at logon?
Add server address to Local Workstaion DNS Entry
Are you using XP Home Edition on the workstations?  What operating system are you using for the server?
regsampAuthor Commented:
Server has Windows 2000 Advanced server and the clients have Windows XP Pro.  The option to reconnect at logon was checked. If you make a new share and copy the data into it then it can be accessed but the shares have to have these names because the Accounting software .ini files point to this exact path and share name and I have tried renaming the path in the Accounting software and it does not work.  The server is not running Active Directory or DNS.  Now when the client reboots and tries to access the shares they are getting Access denied even though they have full permissions.  
Tim HolmanCommented:
Do you have NTFS and Share level security applied ?  If so, I would recommend you use NTFS only, otherwise if Share level permissions are more restrictive, then they will take precedence.

its because of the security level the users are associated with rather than their individual username/pass. im assumin this is something like a 2k server. go into the user manager and add all needed users to the "power users" group.

they should then be able to connect fine.
regsampAuthor Commented:
Well, found the issue and here was the resolution: 1.  I then got a network capture, noticed that the client machine was trying to make a DNS lookup for the  record which it could not

2.  I then looked in DNS Management on the Domaind Controller and found that the Kerberos SRV record was missing

3.  Did the following on NT_Backup:
Defined the WINS Server:
Enable NetBIOS over TCPIP

4.  Ran the following commands at a dos prompt:
net stop netlogon
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
Net Start Netlogon
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