Changing password on a domain the user can authenticate to, but doesn't usually log on to.

We have an AD Windows 2000 domain structure. A partner of ours has their own domain structure. Some of their people have rights on our network. Normally they log onto their network and when they need to access a resource on ours they are prompted for a username and password. They enter the username and password for our domain as well as the domain name and are able to authenticate to the resource.  Becuase of compliance issues, we have started requiring our users' passwords to expire. For our users this isn't an issue. However, for this other company, since they never log onto our network they never get a prompt to change their password. Our solution has been to give them a complex password and then set it to not expire; however, this is not the prefererd method.  We don't want to set up a trust for this since their need to access our resources is probably not long term.

Is there a method or application that would allow them to change their password on our network without actually having to log into our domain?

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mcballar65Author Commented:
Looks perfect - Thanks!
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