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Microstation DXF does not open in Autocad 2004

To anyone who can help,

I have a current issue with a drawing originally created in Microstation by Bently. The drawing is in DXF format. When I attempt to open this in autocad 2004 or R14 the drawing does not open and I receive errors from autocad. Below are some of the error messages.

From Autocad 2004
Error in LTYPE Table
Linetype name with vertical bar is not marked dependent on line 1514.
Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded.
From R14
Unknown value "AC1015" encountered in drawing version.
Error 4 in drawing header on line 8.
Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded

I think this may be some type of blanket issue that results from how the dxf is created in Microstation. My problem is that my microstation knowledge is Novice, if that! I do have access to the microstation application V8, and have tried to fumble around. Some of the things I have already tried include Select All-->Ungroup -->unlock.

Also the reason I need to edit the dxf in autocad is so that the dxf file can be imported into a proprietary application that uses dxf files. In autocad I need to Explode blocks, regions, and a few other objects. Then I scale the drawing down and set the units and limits in Autocad 2004. This results in a clean enough file to be imported into this proprietary application. If I were to just take the dxf file as is and import it into this application text is not scaled to the drawing at all, and lines which compose furniture in the dxf is missing. Hence the need to explode regions and blocks in Autocad 2004. The explode usually solves the problem. So that is just some background info on the issue. I ultimately need to be able to open this file in Autocad 2004. Any help is appreciated. I am giving this a 500 point difficulty because there is a time factor that is important.

Respectfully Yours,

1 Solution
If you the original DGN, you can try saving the DGN file as a DWG instead of DXF.
The DWG Save options give you many settings that you can use to control how the DGN is converted, such as Level-Layer mapping, lineweight-color mapping, and cell-block conversions.

If you don't have the original DGN, you could try to Save the DXF as DWG using Microstation v8.

Once you could get the file into a DWG format that AutoCAD can open, then you could use AutoCAD to create the DXF.
To fix the corrupt DXF, try the DXF/DWG convertion utilities at http://www.opendesign.com/downloads/guest.htm for the DSniff program to check for errors in the DXF and the DConvert program to convert to DWG. Once converted, you should be able to easily open in AutoCAD. These utilities are much more tolerant that AutoCAD.

I hope this solves your problem
kwoznicaAuthor Commented:
Muerty and haikle,

I appreciate your responses. I accepted haikle's answer because it lead me along the right path. Even though I didnt get the dgn files because of the client being remote in a communicative way, I was able to make the file dwg and perform my editing in autocad2004. I then saved the file to autocad 2004 dxf format. I still could not open the file EVEN after saving it in Autocad, but I was able to import the drawing into the proprietary application being used and it worked very smooth.


I did try the DSniff program but it didn't return any lists of dwg or dxf's with errors. Also the conversion utility on that site didnt convert the dwg to dxf for some reason. I Really appreciate your response though and am so glad that people like yourself are out there. Thanks.

Respectfully yours,

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