Double-click results in "File does not exist."

I am having difficulties associating a specific file type (.dwg) with the correct program (Bentley Microstation).  At some point, the file association switched itself from Microstation to Adobe Acrobat Distiller.  I reset it in the Folder Options/File Types interface to the path for Microstation (right clicking and using "open with..." would not reset the association).

Now the icon is correct, but when I double click on the file, Microstation opens and returns the message "File [path] does not exist."  I can open the files by starting Microstation and using File/Open.
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How exactly is it listed in "Application used to perform action" on the Open setting for that file type. Some programs need more than just the path to the executable. Mostly involving a variable like "%1" to pass the path information to the program.

For example, the open action for powerarchiver is "C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\POWERARC.EXE" "%1"

The "%1" is what sends the path (IE C:\Blah\blah.dwg) to the program.
Just for fun, when you reset it with the folder options - file types- instead of choosing the program there, try the other button and browse for the program you want it to open with.
Great point Ken, I'll have to remember that.
Anyway, I wonder if the problem also resides in the default(or user selected) file associations in Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Perhaps you could go there and exclude .dwg associations.
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