Where to start..?

ok, I have say 200 servers all running pervasive v8.
These 200 servers are sequentially named:
using an asp page I've created a loop with the following DSN:

Driver={Pervasive ODBC Client Interface};Name=<<Server>>;DSN=@default;
(<<server>> being the current server in the loop).

which cycles through the list. makes a connection pulls a record back from a table and if successful writes a line to say the connection is okay.

Most are working fine, however,
I am finding that certain servers are making the connection 'Freeze' when instead I want it to write a line to say the connection is failing. I dont' even get an error, it just loads the page forever.
Having tried to manually script Command/Server/Script Timeouts and failing miserably was wondering if it is possible to kill the DSN, create output to tell me that and then move on to the next record.

I don't know if this is possible but would be very grateful for any help given.

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You might want to check that the few that are giving problems have the same Pervasive patch level. I see you're using V8, make sure you're at SP2 (8.6) at the client and the server.  For developing other extensions, I've gotten good information from:
Another thing to try is to access the problematic servers on their own to try to determine what's happening.  
What's different about the servers that "freeze"?  Are they a different version of Pervasive?  What are you trying to do with this script overall?  It might be worthwile to create either an ISAPI extension or an COM component that does the connection.  
VINPHETAMINAuthor Commented:
Theoretically all installs of pervasive are the same. The servers are hardware equal. The only difference being some are on 2k and some on 2003 although the freezing is completely random and only happens on a few. I can dial into them and run psa but it shows everything's ok.

I'm writing web applications to show a remote server's live data. I wanted to run a quick script that would both populate a sql table with all responding dsns and allow the users to select servers based on that list. At the same time I wanted to send automatic notifications or populate another column of the sql table and generate a second page that would notify our IT dept that there are connectivity issues with the select few servers.

Since I'm really only proficient with vbscript in asp I wouldn't know where to start with writing a com or other types of extension.

I'll go check them out. Thanks for the advice thus-far
VINPHETAMINAuthor Commented:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Pervasive][ODBC Client Interface][Client LNA]The ODBC Client Interface cannot access the data source because SQL Connection Manager is not running at the specified port number. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

/corder/pervasive.asp, line 25

The above error came up after the page ran/"froze" for about an hour. Is there a way I can force this to timeout after say, 20 seconds, post a result and then movenext?

Thanks for the link. I had a quick peruse but am forced to carry on with another task so I shall resume reading later.


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