Citrix Connection Freezes up When Working on JD Edwards OneWorld ERP System

Our company deploys The J.D. Edwards OneWorld Erp System through a Citrix Connection.  We have an employee that has a good network connection on his workstation (he can access the web and his outlook connected to our exchange server is good)but when he access JD Edwards (JDE) Oneworld through the Citrix Program neighborhood it begins to load, then freezes up for about 10 seconds, then when the JDE log on screen appears and he enters his id and password it freezes up again.  When he finally gets into the program it will freeze up about every second or third mouse click for about 10 to 15 seconds.  We have restored his computer to a date when he wasn't experiencing the problem and we replaced his network cable to see if that would change anything but we have not resolved the issue.

Any suggestions would be great,

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BILJAXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Enough RAM in the citrix server to handle all the instances of JDE1W?

Tim HolmanCommented:
I would suggest looking at MTU:

..and also installing on his workstation to work out why things are slowing down.

There may be a worm or virus at play here !  Even s system restore point on XP can become infected, so restoring in this way does not always get rid of them.
Empire_ITAuthor Commented:
We deleted the employee's user overrides on his JDE session and that seems to have solved the problem.  A RAM deficiency seems to be the cause of the slow response during his session.   Thank you both for your help on this.  Before removing his user overrides we checked the MTU and ran 3 different virus scans.  The MTU was optimized using the instructions from DSLreports with no resolution and the virus scans didn't find any virus or malware.  
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