Finding a company by their IP address?

I am trying to find out companies that are visiting our company web site.  We have access to logs through CNstats, and it basically gives us the IP address and host name of visitors.  Is there a way to find the company that is viewing our web site?  So far we have just been looking up the hostname and trying to decipher that, and occasionally running a tracert on the IP to see if we can find anything that way.
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bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using the online tools at
scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bdietz,
The closest thing you'll be able to do is an IP WHOIS.

You can do this at

This may give you the precise details, but will often just list the details of the ISP.

Reverse DNS (as you're doing) is probably as good a method as any though!

Does that help?
bmquintas: I was a fraction too slow there! :-)

lol, yes, but your answer is clearer!

simple as pie.  go to the site.  enter the address in the available window and click "go"

next page comes back with everything "down to when they go get their dry cleaning"

good day
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