Want to setup second mail account in exchagne with different domain

     I am using exchange with domain name irishflooring.com.  I have new mail accounts  set up with this and all is working fine.

I have an another mail account (Old account) which is irishflooring@eircom.net.  I need that to be retrived from exchange and maybe forwared into my info@irishflooring.com mailbox.

I am wondering what is the best way to do this as it is a different domain and it has different smtp and pop3 settings.

Hopefully someone could help here.
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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you just point your MX record to your lived exchange ip -- thats about it, the server then excepts any incoming mail for the names you have configured it to own.

Exchange 2003 is a solid prodcut and once you setup the server could just let it run for a long time. An old company that I use to work for I configured an 03 server that ran for 1 year with out any problems until on of the guys messed it up.

hosting your own mail is a vary easy process and if you have any concerns pickup the pocket admin guide for 2003. When you host your own messaging environment you have a lot of flexibilty with storage limits, and funcationality.
I have a few questions

1. are both accounts on the same exchange?
-- Exchange can be responsible for multiple domain names if you desire. You can a 2nd smtp address to the new account with the old smtp addy.  Note if you do this that name must point to the current evironment.

2.Do you want to decomission the old environment?

A simple answer would be to just forward mail from the old account to the new one if you are keeping both environment. if you are planning on decomissioning the old, I would look at adding the old name to the new enivrionment via teh RUS.
cstephen100Author Commented:

  I used to just use outlook to pop my irishflooring@eircom.net account (internet account).

I have just set up exchange with my new accounts e.g info@irishflooring.com.
I will be using my new domain for all mail from now on.   I only have one domain i.e irishflooring.com.

I would like if I could simply pop my irishflooring@eircom.net mail into my info@irishflooring.com mailbox so all clients logged on to info could get it and sent out new mail with the new domain accounts.

I cant forward mail using domain eircom.net unfortunatly, it would be very handy surely.
Is it possible just create a new pop connector and have it pop accounts into info mailbox?

Hope this helps.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

The .net account is hosted by an external company? Personaly, since (i am assuming) you own both domain names I would just have the .net MX point to your new Exchange box. Setup the RUS to stamp the .net addy as well on your mailboxes. This will allow you to recieve all your mail in one account.
Is there some reason you are stuck on poping the mail off the other server?
Note the only connectors in Exchange 2003 are SMTP, Routing Group, X400 -- You could configure your server to pull down mail from the hosted site at a given interval but it would not be using Pop.

Again personally, I think since you own the domain names and want to host your own Exchange, that you should just change the MX and add the 2nd smtp addy to your current Exchange.

Also if multiple people are going to be accessing these messaages, I would create a mailenabled public folder and give the users send As on the PF. I dont like using group mailboxes because it require the user to add an additional mailbox to thier profile instead of just browing to the correct PF
check out this link as its similar to what you want to do.....

cstephen100Author Commented:
I have both incoming at present using pop,
I own the domain surely.

Is there much to hosting your own mail.  I was givin the mx settings, but I have never set them up.  Do I need to change my exchange settings for this.
cstephen100Author Commented:
  I will look into setting mx records.  Thanks for the help.
Much appreciated
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