MS-DOS Compatibility mode. NoIDE not in Registry.

Posted on 2005-04-20
Last Modified: 2012-06-22
Hi. I can't get rid of it.
ASccording to MS:

-      An "unsafe" device driver, memory-resident program, or virus hooked the INT21h or INT13h chain before Windows is loaded.      
-      The hard disk controller in your computer was not detected by Windows.      
-      The hard disk controller was removed from the current configuration in Device Manager.      
-      There is a resource conflict between the hard disk controller and another hardware device.      
-      The Windows protected-mode driver is missing or damaged.      
-      The Windows 32-bit protected-mode disk drivers detected an unsupportable configuration or incompatible hardware.      
-      You are running Windows Millennium Edition (Me) and have used Drive Copy 2.0 by Powerquest to copy the contents of one hard disk to another hard disk.


I have Win98SE. I did have the NOIDE in registry but I removed that

Checked for virus...apparently clean. Also used to chkdsk to to Detect a Boot-Sector Virus. Verified ok.

I tried to remove and reinstall IDE drivers from backup, and using newest from SIS download.

parent driver SIS 5513 Dual PCI IDE Controller

Improvement: instead of both primary and secondary having "!" in Device Manager, now only primary.

Can't seem to boot in safe mode.
It sends me to command prompt. Then keystrokes come out wrong at prompt! (virus?)

Plus, my screen display is forced 640x480. trying anything else does not work.

Sometimes cd-rom and cr-rw drives not showing in windows but currently they are.

after remove NOIDE in reg bootlog.txt shows :

[000DA870] Initing esdi_506.pdr
[000DA871] Init Failure esdi_506.pdr
[000DA871] Initing esdi_506.pdr
[000DA87D] Init Success esdi_506.pdr

IOS.log shows:

Unit number 02 going through real mode drivers.
Unit number 03 going through real mode drivers.
Unit number 04 going through real mode drivers.

Driver Name:  io.sys
  Block Driver controlling 05 unit(s)
  Driver Info:
    Driver Address:  0070005E
    IOSYS INT 13:  F000EED2
    INT 13 Hook:  007003EE
    INT 4B Hook:  F00069A0
    INT 4F Hook:  007004FC
    Config.sys line number:  00000000

Driver Name:  himem.sys
  Character Driver
  Driver Info:
    Driver Address:  02540000
    Config.sys line number:  00000000
    Config.sys date/time stamp:  32936C50
    Hardware interrupt hook map:  00000001

Driver Name:  dblbuff.sys
  Character Driver
  Driver Info:
    Driver Address:  029A0000
    INT 13 Hook:  029A0148
    Config.sys line number:  00000000

Driver Name:  ifshlp.sys
  Character Driver
  Driver Info:
    Driver Address:  03540000
    Config.sys line number:  00000000

Autoexec Date/Time Stamp:  00000000


My confisg.sys file is two REM lines.

Thanks, Tim
Question by:happycat
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    Wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows (I know, it's a last resort, but something has seriously corrupted your system and that's wha you are down to].

    Author Comment

    Thanks for input. Increasing to 500 points.

    More things I have already tried:
    I extracted esdi_506.pdr from Win98 setup Can get safe mode to work now.

    In safe mode, Device Manager:
    found unknown device in USB but disabled.
    found something i do not have( or recognize at least) in disk drives:

    LG DMA 2

    I have WD 80g abnd Maxtor 20g, floppy
    and those three i recognize but not this LG

    In CDROMs: I recognize a LG cdrom appropriately listed there.

    Norton "WinDoctor" did not find any errors.

    However norton one button checkup found two registry errors:

    key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\apppaths\devices.exe" refer to invalid path:

    key: software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\apppaths\ide.exe" refer to invalid path:

    devices.exe and ide.exe are not on my system and sounds suspicious. Are they valid and supposed to be?

    Author Comment

    I am preparing to reinstall windows and make some major backups but if there is still a way to avoid FWIW:

    In bootlog.txt these are all the ones that 'fail' or say 'failure':

    [000054D8] Loading Vxd = ndis2sup.vxd
    [000054D8] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd

    [00005565] DEVICEINIT   = VPD    
    [00005565] DEVICEINITFAILED    = VPD  

    [00005669] Initing esdi_506.pdr
    [0000566B] Init Failure esdi_506.pdr
    [0000566B] Initing esdi_506.pdr
    [00005676] Init Success esdi_506.pdr

    [0000568C] INITCOMPLETE = SIS630M

    [0000568C] INITCOMPLETE = SDVXD  

    Also Norton rescue disk in system works, upon click to make new disks said it detected hard disk uses a DDO,
    dynamic drive overlay. I do not remember if that is correct or not. WD 80gig

    There is a couple of duplicates in device manager in safemode that i've yet to try to remove.
    I removed that LG DMA 2, but no joy.

    It all started when overnight, all well, but in morning would not boot completely and hang on black screen with cursor. After numwerous attempts, I tried a Goback and at even more than a day back. No joy. Even though full system virus scan 2 or 3 days prior, I thought I'd boot up with Norton Systemwork boot CD abd try AntiVirus scan again. Well it would not let with Goback, so I disabled Goback. AFter disable is when I was able to boot without AV scan, but had problems with CD burning software
    "missing winaspi", and the MSDOS compatibility mode issue. sigh... burning midnight oil to dump important files before this "earth is scorched"

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    Expert Comment

    DDO is often the cause to COMPATIBILITY mode.

    DDO means a small prog loaded in boot sector telling the real HD size to your OS , because bios is not capable. I think MAxtors is called Maxblast or ez bios

    here is a link:


    Author Comment

    Yes. I need to remove that because it was not orginally there when I setup Western Digital 80g.

    -two partitions, C: D:
    Maxtor 20g, E:

    Some other errors that may be helpful to know:

    Western Digital Data Diagnostics for Windows:

    Recognizes all drives, space, partitions, but not by name "Unknown( ? )" for model number. Ran the quick test there and the HD passed.
    Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools:

    "no hardrives found"
    Western Digital Data Diagnostics for DOS:

    "No Western Digital Drives found
    DLGDIAG v5.04c

    Non Western Digital Drive
    error status code: 0201
    When trying to start Partition Magic software:

    Error 117: Init failed. Partitions drive letter cannot be identified.
    When trying to start Drive Image:

    Error 1: Init failed
    operation not supported or does not currently work with current file system or partition type


    When problem was firstly not being able to fully boot,
    when I first was able to boot as described in earlier account, MS Registry said that reg was corrupted and needed to restore a backup. This 'compatibility mode problem seemed coinicidently with that auto-forced registry restore. I do not have a close backup except for my whole registry from a Feb of 2004.
    Thanks for all the help...

    Author Comment

    Booted from WD Data Lifeguard Tools Cd today. Recognized both drives. Label Maxtor as:

    "BIOS drive 81 hex 20.4gig"

    In maintenance section certain oiptions were greyed out, (not possible to use):

    Upgrade data lifeguard
    Update DDO
    Remove DDO
    Convert Drive format
    Option to update MBR and
    Backup/Restore MBR were available though.

    Tried to make backup of MBR and received this error:

    "An IO error occured accessing the disk, operation failed"

    I know there's some options yet to do...

    Author Comment


    Disinfected  C:\WINDOWS\ISNSYS.dll


    Norton AV desktop did not find. TrendMicro Free online scan did not find. It was Panda ActiveScan Free online that found and disinfected.

    Upon reboot, all drives are seen in Device Manager
    and the IDE drivers and without exclamation. Cheers!

    Yes, back to 32-bit protected mode. No more turtle slow MS-DOS Compatibility mode with real mode drivers.

    "Panda" bear has made 'happycat' happy again. :) T

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    Question Closed, 500 points refunded.
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