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trunk cisco 3550 and 2950

I have a 2950 and 3550 switch - one VLAN, nothing complex - I simply want to connect them together and then plug the 3550 into a 2600 router.  I am fairly certain but I wanted to make sure...I don't need to do any trunking, correct?  I can simply connect them with a crossover cable?  Do I need to do any special config for the switchports that are connecting the 2 switches?
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if you ar using just one vlan then you do not need trunking.

>I can simply connect them with a crossover cable?

>Do I need to do any special config for the switchports that are connecting the 2 switches?

I'll second that opinion (as if harbor235 needs one)..

Without vlans, yes, all you need to do is connect them with a crossover cable, nothing more.
By default, the uplinks would be autosense trunking, so even if you did have VLAN's set up, all you would have to do is set the VTP domain for both switches to the same domain.

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Even if you have only one VLAN, you will end up with an 802.1q trunk between the 2950 and the 3550. By default, both switches have all ports in DTP dynamic mode.

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mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
if i have fiber gbics in each switch i can couple them that way correct?  as long as the send and receive is reversed on each side right?
Yes, sir. Just plug 'em in..
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
thanks folks - i pretty much knew my answers but i still second guess myself...thanks for the support in my time of need :)
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