When is there enough security

I was just wondering is there such a think as overkill when it comes to spam and virus protection. We have 4 servers (1 Exchange 2003) We currently use:

GFI Mail Essentials
Symantec: Mail Security for Exchange (SMTP)
Symantec/Bright Anti-Spam
Symantec Anti-Virus
Cisco PIX
ISA Server

We are considering purchasing as additions:
GFI Download Security for ISA
GFI MailSecurity

Would this be counter productive, too over the top, and a waist of money?

Thanks for your help
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mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well you have three GFI products, i wouldnt install GFI mail security since you already have a mail security solution (symantec).
the only problem i see is you never really want 2 products doing the same thing (ie 2 antivirus emial softwares or 2 antispam softwares) since they will confilct with eachother.  I'm willing to bet if you call or look at the system requirments for GFI mail essentials it tells you not to have another antispam product running.
bizzie247Author Commented:
So you would recommend keeping what I have and put GFI on the shelf for now?
Mike R.Commented:
Hmmm...although mikeleebrla is right in the general...I would disagree that you should never have two programs doing the same thing.  Sometimes one anti-virus can conflict with another by identifying the other's automated updates as unwanted installs and killing them...but aside from that, I frequently run two of more than one protection program, including AV.

However, buying all your protection from the same company is a waste.  If their first product is not set to catch something...their second won't either.  If you want additional layers I would recommend two things...

1. Multiple programs from different vendors.  I.E. I run McAfee firewall (which also acts blocks un-approved installs) AND counterspy.  They complement each other nicely as one frequently catches the things the other misses.

2. Add PHYSICAL layers, not more software.  I.E.  Add a software firewall to the computer...and a physical hardware firewall router between the computer and the inet (netgear routers do a good job and are under $150.)

Best of Luck!
bizzie247Author Commented:
Just makes sence and we save by just going with what we have. If it's not broke......

Thank you
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