Do you know how to program a Gateway Anykey Keyboard model 2191011-XX-XX

My friend decided to unplug his Gateway 2000 AnyKey keyboard Model 2191011-XX-XXX - live.  It has been given a shock treatment to rival the fifties electro-shock.  It has emerged clueless.

The keyboard, not my friend.

Anyone know how to program it?  Or an someone point to a manual on the web?
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Ricardo E. RamírezSenior IT Support TechCommented:
Check out this link.  I have a feeling it may help you out.

Good luck.


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pistonpilotAuthor Commented:
Now that is what I call service.

Who are you people who catch these questions within seconds of my posting it?

You're amazing.
Ricardo E. RamírezSenior IT Support TechCommented:
Glad to be of service, pistonpilot.   Thanks for the compliment: flattery will get you everywhere.

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