Colors with telnet

I am using telnet from Windows but Linux puts out colors with a black background and I can't read some of the colors.

Does anyone know how to change the Linux telnet colors and background?

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ESQuicksallAuthor Commented:
I found out how to do it. Here it is:

edit /home/<user_name>/.bashrc to add the following line. This will hide the colors when you do the directory listing in a telnet session.
alias ls="ls --color=never"
Hi Eddy,

That would work.  Many distros will alias ls to enable colors by default.  A more direct solution is to change your TERM type so that Linux itself is aware that your session can't support colors.

To do this, you can manually set it in .bashrc or similar with:

export TERM

(or export TERM="vt100")

Rather than disable colors, if possible, I'd recommend a different terminal client.  putty (putty32.exe) is an excellent freeware client, and SecureCRT is a top-notch commercial client.
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