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Installing two EditorKit into JEditor Pane

Is it possible to install more than one EditorKit into JEditorPane.

I want to install a EditorKit that displays line numbers and a EditorKit which highlights the Java key words.
If I try to install two Editor kit one of them would not work…

          JEditorPane editor = new JEditorPane();
            editor.setEditorKit(new NumberedEditorKit());
          JavaEditorKit kit = new JavaEditorKit();
          editor.setEditorKitForContentType("text/java", kit);
          editor.setFont(new Font("Courier", 0, 12));

Here are the web sites where I got all the codes…
1 Solution
The EditorKit that will be used/active is based on the content value that the editor was set with.
Having editor.setContentType("text/java"); will cause the JavaEditorKit to be active.
I don't think you can make two EditorKit active at the same time.

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